My Specialties

I specialize in creating modern and sexy website user interface with intuitive and interactive user experiences, powered by a robust, secure back-end web application built on solid mvc framework with scalable storage capability.

My application development include, API programming, document management systems, document creation (PDF, Excel, etc...), and secure payment processing

HTML5 and Responsive
Web Applications

I make use of the latest technology

With the newest innovations in web technology, I create a web apps that caters to all web devices and platforms. I also connect to social media platforms via RESTful apis.
The sky is the limit!
I reach audiences using various media, with interactive leads capture forms with front-end validation, AJAX-powered, and responsive web design.

Mobile Apps for iOS
and Android

I build user-friendly, intuitive, easy to use mobile apps

Make a splash!

I'm abreast with the latest standards in mobile device capabilities and advanced techniques for user interactivity and data presentation

I've built e-commerce tools, property management tools, and user and document management tools that consume and post to RESTful apis.

JavaScript / NodeJs
Website Applications

I build NodeJs Applications

Express, Mongoose, Passport, Sequelize, JWT, etc...

I've built custom RESTful web services with user authentication, data processors, Image editors.

I have expertise with AWS, NGinx, Apache, and Linux OS

Website Applications

I build from scratch and using solid Open-source platforms

Magento, OpenCart, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, WordPress, vTigerCRM, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, SenchaTouch, DHTMLX, ExtJs, Bootstrap, etc...

I've built custom PDF creators, PDF form processors, Excel importers and exporters, Image editors.

Expertise with AWS, LAMP, WHM, SSH, and SVN

WordPress Themes
and Plugins Development

Premium quality themes and plugins

Create unique, beautiful and interactive themes. Control all website content with advanced theme options. Add mutiple post types with WordPress GUI style, meta boxes and easy-to-use features.

Build custom plugins to communicate and interact with website visitors. Or manage banner ads using a banner ads system. We're ready!

Graphic Design and
Digital Illustrations

Present your concepts with accurate imagery

If you need a unique image to effectively convey your message, a custom illustration will do the job. Specific to technical specifications and conceptual descriptions. We will render graphic illustrations and graphic elements to perfectly portray your vision to your target audience

Need a custom service? Just drop me a line!

If you have any question regarding my services or need a custom service, please do not hesitate to contact.